Diamond DA 40


A modern and very fast plane for comfortable travel across Europe.

Speed (km/h):


Flight level (m):

3 048

Max passengers:


Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40

The most modern aircraft in its class

It uses the latest technologies available. The engine burns kerosene aviation fuel just like airliners. With a sophisticated aerodynamic shape it´s capable of flying up to 240 km / h. You´ll really enjoy flying this aircraft.


Maximum weight of all passengers and luggage

150 kg

Maximum baggage dimensions 30 x 40 x 20 cm and 8 kg per person. Upon agreement this can be customized to meet your requirements.

Aircraft cabin

Diamond offers a very spacious and well-lit cabin that can accommodate up to 3 passengers. Luxurious ergonomically designed seats and seat belts provide maximum comfort even at the highest cruising speeds. Comfort and luxury combined with technology.

Only new and modern aircraft with the best equipment

We love flying modern aircraft